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The materials utilised for building our vehicles are the best that the market can manufacture (insulated fibreglass bodies, aluminium vehicles beds, strapped fibreglass top-boxes and spoilers, aluminium and stainless steel profiles, solid furniture and various coverings with home building materials) as well as super technological accessories and electronics installed (satellite systems, GPS, LCD television sets, video and DVD with Dolby surround system, alarm systems and air conditioners). The stable of our horse transporting vans are safe, easy to sanitise and functional environments, where animals are loaded and stay willingly, while in our “specials” the arrangements of the spaces are studied with care for an optimal partition between office and welcoming areas, storing areas and specific work areas. Our living areas, usually include a relax/lounging area, a complete equipped kitchen unit, a bathroom and bed spaces variables according to the needs and available spaces are furnished with style and pleasantness by expert hands capable of recreating environments in which it is a pleasure to relax after a day full of activities and excitements.

Since 1962
Since 1962
Valli s.r.l.
Via Arturo Labriola, 1
42017 Novellara (RE) Italy
+39 0522 653235
+39 0522 653593