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Our company, which officially began in 1962 as auto repair body shop, from the earliest days has dedicated all its forces to realize new and ambitious projects, gaining throughout the years achievements and successes. At the end of the seventies took place the challenging turn which has marked our history: amongst the first in Italy, in a field still unexplored then, we began planning and building at first horse trailers, by completely handling their production, and then horse vans. Spirit of innovation and intuition, also supported by the energy and the strong motivation of each member of our team, urged us to extend our involvement also to other special sectors: vehicles to transport racing cars and motorcycles, vehicles to be used by the Civil Protection and Fire Departments, means for emergency medical interventions and logistic support... all those vehicles and every other extraordinary type of fitting where not only the technical capability is necessary, but also where there is a need for a remarkable creativity and prototyping planning. Today more than in the past, as we have to work on the big global market, we fight to defend our hard-won successes and our leadership position while promoting us as a company with a pure Italian soul and with one “mania”: to think big and without boundaries in order to achieve the best outcome for the undertaken projects.

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Since 1962
Since 1962
Valli s.r.l.
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42017 Novellara (RE) Italy
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